SHEA Gas Passport (Safety, Health and Environmental Awareness)

(Construction and Utilities)


To provide training and assessment for the basic areas of Health, Safety and Environment for all operatives or managers  working on Gas Distribution  networks in the UK. This course has been designed to assure the basic standard of individuals working on site and to give them sufficient knowledge and awareness to ensure the safety of themselves and others.

Energy and Utility Skills is aimed to ensure that workers know the basics of these topics.


Successful completion of the course will lead to the EUSR Card - SHEA Passport - GAS.



Course Structure

 The course is made up of seven core modules:

1 You and Law
2 You and Hazards to your Health
3 Protecting You
4 Working Environment
5 Our Environment
6 Incident Procedures
7 Equipment

There are 5 sector specific modules. These are applicable to both Network Operations and to Above Ground installations.(AGI)

8 Network /AGIHazards To Health
9 Working in the Highway
10 Excavations
11 AGI Working Environment
12 AGI Machinery & Equipment


8 Hours [1 Day]

Max Numbers

12 People (with a minimum of 6) per course.

Suitable For

Anyone working or seeking work on the UK Gas Distribution Network System

Pre Requisites



For the candidate to demonstrate understanding of Health and Safety as applicable to the Gas Distribution Network Sector.

Teaching Methods

Classroom (Powerpoint, Handouts)
Test Papers


Energy Utility Skills


EUSR Registration
Passport Card